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This was a little over 30 years newbienudes I was in my 20 years and was married for about 4 years. Things were not going so well between me and my wife Jill, for various reasons, but mainly because I worked and I had to put my workstation. I've always had a weakness for underwear and, if I could, Jill knew nothing of my love of lingerie - that may have suspected, but she did not know. Anyway, they finally found out and got scared a result, I went and stayed with a friend for a few months before taking a job at a small hotel on the west coast of Scotland. The position I was working at the bar and restraint to live, there were only four full-time employees with part-time workers to fill in if necessary. stprised the hotel owner, an elderly woman about 60 years later. The cook and housekeeper Mary she was 40 and a local girl Susan about the same age as me, the owners of Francis and Mary lived newbienudes with Susan works in nearly every dayabout 11 to 19:00. The work was normal business hotel during the first 3 months, then everything changed. I had been in the newbienudes premises of the city for a day and returned at about 16:00, I was working at the bar that night. When I came into office last month of Mary called me newbienudes and said the door, shut the newbienudes door and just say that my ex-wife had a long conversation with her I had and have nothing to say. He must newbienudes really be guilty, I thought he said - his ex -wife has clothes you left your luggage in your room. Since nothing was said about a week, even the odd comment of Mary when we were alone, but nothing really. Mary began, much stronger and made me a little skivy agreed to treat me. One night, when the bar was empty and moderation, came Mary at the bar and sat down - we played the trump cards. After a newbienudes few games and a couple of drinks, said Mary, we must make it more interesting. Would like to seeme in my underwear, for every hand that he had lost the next game I get a topic of their choice. Three hands, was, by how much they lost the bra, panties and stockings were the elements. I looked at that not wearing a bra at the bar, but changed his poignant hit in the face of it and the look on his face. In 10 minutes I was dressed, as instructed, I sat at the bar with her ​​- in her underwear in my work clothes before closing. When I went to my room, she called me back to tell me to wear underwear, stockings and garters from now, and when she told me a bra and when we were alone, I'll do exactly what I said have. My cock had been hard for ages, and Mary knew, she rubbed the front of my pants and I came. Oh you're a pathetic fag, his wife had no idea that's - that 's so funny now I want you in my room, she said. Within seconds of being in his room, I was dressed only in underwear and my head between her thighs. This was a position in which found me almost every night, would I feel sometimes for an hour while you run over and over again and my scalp was sore from the friction. In my spare time, when the newbienudes bar was closed, I had found in the roof to sunbathe in a bra and panties, our little secret, he said. Soon he was totally submissive to Mary, and she had a total contol of me in a couple of shifts, when we were alone, I was fully dressed as a girl. Susan used to wonder why Mary to talk to me that is only used to pretend they do not want to have. She just said that you should not let him get away with it, I knew he was with the situation where I was stuck, but I was really enjoying it.
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